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Find a Higher State of Mind Through Sound

We are the Fly Drums team, and we craft deep immersive sounding drums that Lift Your Mood, Expand Your Creativity and that you can Start Playing in Less Than 2 mins.


★★★★★ 4.9

-25% OFF ⊛ Launch Offer

The Fly Drum ⊛ New Drop is here! 

Fly Drum has the power to make anyone fly in seconds! Its shape, size (12''), scale (C Major), and tuning have been carefully designed so that everyone can pull off amazing immersive sounds in a snap.

★★★★★ 4.9

This drum is 100% Handmade in Lviv, Ukraine by our friend Volodymyr Shenko. In addition to being mesmerizing, it sounds very harmonious and brings with it the sounds of change, the sounds of hope.


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Lifts Your Mood

When you start playing Fly Drum you dive in deep. It's like quickly entering meditation.


The stress-causing high-frequencies in your body begin to lower and you enter Deep Relaxation.


Then serotonin starts taking over and you'll experience the so-called "Drummers High".​​

Expands Your Creativity

Creativity starts when you let yourself go.

That's the #1 benefit of playing Fly Drum, you get so immersed you forget the restraints... And that's when you start flying!

Confidence in yourself and your new emerging capabilities start arising. You are now capable of doing something you never thought you were. This is the fuel of your new creative self. Make the most of it!

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You'll Start Playing In Under 2 Mins

Fly Drums was designed to be intuitive, so you'll be able to master it in a span.


You don't need any background music, just tap the tongues/keys that sound best to you, and the magic will start to show.

You'll find yourself playing without even looking!

Powerful Sound

The Fly Drum was designed to be the most balanced steel drum you will find.

Its notes are super-defined, the sound's intensity is elevated, and it has an unparalleled resonance.

You can't imagine how something so small can have such power!

Fly vs Handpan

🫰 10x Less Cost
🎒 3x More Portable
🎶 Powerful Sound Experience

The Fly Drum has been Tested and Rated by Professional Handpan Musicians:
Notes Definition 5★
Resonance 5★
Reverb 5★


★★★★★ 4.9

-40% OFF ⊛ Launch Offer


André Carvalho | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Lisbon, Portugal | Tech Business Manager

"I don't have a musical background and I can play anything! It's very easy! Very natural!"

Tom Harts | Venice, CA, USA | Professional Musician

"The Fly Drum Helped me add a Unique Sound to my Compositions. People always ask, 'Oh What is that Sound?!"

Captura de ecrã 2022-11-17, às 20.03.14.png
"What an amazing instrument. Innovation at its best."