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FLY DRUM ⊛ New Drop Jan'23

FLY DRUM ⊛ New Drop Jan'23

Launched last November, FLY DRUM
SOLD OUT within the first 48 hours!

The long-awaited 2nd Drop will be released this January.

👉 Limited to a series of 50 Fly Drums only.

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✌️Lifts Your Mood

🦄 Expands Your Creativity

😌 Deep Immersive Sound

👏 Start Playing in Under 2mins


🎁 Gifts Included: Standard Mallets, Bag & Songbook

🔰 100% Titanium Steel Life Warranty

ℹ️ 12'' | 5 Lbs | 11 Tongues | C Major 


lift mood.gif

Lifts Your Mood

When you start playing Fly Drum you dive in deep. It's like quickly entering meditation.


The stress-causing high-frequencies in your body begin to lower and you enter Deep Relaxation.


Then serotonin starts taking over and you'll experience the so-called "Drummers High".​​

Expands Your Creativity

Creativity starts when you let yourself go.

That's the #1 benefit of playing Fly Drum, you get so immersed you forget the restraints... And that's when you start flying!

Confidence in yourself and your new emerging capabilities start arising. You are now capable of doing something you never thought you were. This is the fuel of your new creative self. Make the most of it!

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Gif Learn in 2min.gif

You'll Start Playing In Under 2 Mins

Fly Drums was designed to be intuitive, so you'll be able to master it in a span.


You don't need any background music, just tap the tongues/keys that sound best to you, and the magic will start to show.

You'll find yourself playing without even looking!


The Science Behind

Fly Drum is a Revolutionary Musical Instrument.

In addition to its well-known benefits of improving concentration and stimulating cognitive function.​

Its tuning has the power to lower the stress-causing high-frequency waves emitted by your body.

When playing Fly Drum your frequencies start to decrease and allow you to enter Deep Relaxation. Serotonin starts taking over and you'll experience the so-called "Drummers High".​​

Fly Drum vs Handpan

Have you ever Wanted an Handpan but it was too Expensive?

Don't look any further, Fly Drum it's here to change that 

🫰 10x Less Cost

🎒 3x More Portable

🎶 Powerful Sound Experience


Fly Drum was Tested and Rated by Handpan Musicians:

  • Notes Definition 5★

  • Resonance 5★

  • Reverb 5★

More Info

The Fly is a contemporary instrument descending from the Tank Drum, which was invented by the percussionist Felle Vega, in 2007.


Fly Drum belongs to the Idiophone percussion family (instruments that create sound through the vibration of the material itself, without the need for strings, membranes, or an external resonator), it does not require any particular technique.


The number of slats or "tongues" equals the number of notes it can produce. You can use mallets or your hands to produce sound.


For beginners: We recommend starting to play with the included Mallets and having a look at the Songbook that comes with your Fly Drum.

Fly Drum Overall

  • Innovative percussion instrument

  • Its Sound is extremely Powerful and Immersive

  • Extremely Intuitive and Easy to Play.

  • Very Portable (12'') and Lightweight (5 lbs)

  • Made of 1/16'' Premium Titanium Alloy, carefully selected using leading high-pressure molding machines that give Fly Drum an edge in terms of durability.


"Its harmonious sounds are going to whisk you off into another dimension.
It's super easy to play. And it will not only scratch your music itch but your spiritual itch as well."

Brian Krinsky | Brighton, NY, USA | Producer

"I really like the sound of my Fly Drum, it's peaceful. It connects me with my vibey-spiritual soundscapes"

Doe Paoro · Los Angeles, CA, USA · Sound Therapist

"I don't have a musical background and I can play anything! It's very easy! Very natural!"

André Carvalho · Brazil/Portugal · Tech Business Manager

"The Fly Drum helped me add a unique sound to my compositions. People always ask, 'oh what is that sound?!"

Gabrielle Polina · Italy · Professional Musician

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