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FLY DRUM ⊛ New Drop

FLY DRUM ⊛ New Drop


Fly Drums Brand Book (2).png
Fly Drums Brand Book (2).png

FLY DRUM ⊛ New Drop ⊛ Feb'23

Launched last November, FLY DRUM
SOLD OUT within the first 48 hours!

The long-awaited 2nd Drop will be released this February.

👉 Limited to a series of 50 Fly Drums only.

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"Its harmonious sounds are going to whisk you off into another dimension.
It's super easy to play. And it will not only scratch your music itch but your spiritual itch as well."

Brian Krinsky | Brighton, NY, USA | Producer

"I really like the sound of my Fly Drum, it's peaceful. It connects me with my vibey-spiritual soundscapes"

Doe Paoro · Los Angeles, CA, USA · Sound Therapist

"I don't have a musical background and I can play anything! It's very easy! Very natural!"

André Carvalho · Brazil/Portugal · Tech Business Manager

"The Fly Drum helped me add a unique sound to my compositions. People always ask, 'oh what is that sound?!"

Gabrielle Polina · Italy · Professional Musician

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